Kathakali, the Indian dance drama, performed by V. Kaladharan, K. Shanmukhan and K. Sukumaran, who showcased India’s highly stylized classical dance drama. Kathakali combines dancing, acting, vocal music, percussion, and costumes in one art form, dating back to 17th century India. Kaladharan and Shanmukhan, presented selected scenes from prominent Kathakali plays; Kaladharan explained the story and context, and then Shanmukhan performed each scene. Sukumaran presented the costuming and makeup for the performance. There was also be a short Indian drumming recital, by the UALR Indian Percussion Ensemble and "Rasa and the Taste of Theatre" by David Mason, PhD, preceding the concert; at the same time, Sukumaran applyed makeup to Shanmukhan in, a process was open to the public and was well worth watching.

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