ICCT Carnatic Music - NEX7

NEX-7 Video: It was extreme backlit and the singers were in dark (so I cranked up fill light in You tube +3)

D810 Video: I screwed up the external audio mike connection (forgot to switch it on). If we can add Nex7 audio, it will be one of the best quality you can imagine.

Detailed Carnatic Music glimpses @: https://plus.google.com/photos/103690259164103106446/albums/6045065937567970289?authkey=CKLn0fjR-dbLVg

August 9th festivity @: https://plus.google.com/photos/103690259164103106446/albums/6045659102720045201?authkey=CPX50rusr5WhzAE

All the photos are taken based on the invitations/requests by organizers- I would like to thank for all those who had given me this unique opportunity. If anyone is interested in ordering the prints, all the profits (after printing costs from Coscto/SmugMug) will be donated to a Homeless Shelter in Memphis downtown (I was requested not to name them – shelter is for “Single women and mothers with their children”).

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