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I showed your picture to the Bishop (MOST Reverend J. Terry Steib, S.V.D.) and he was happy to see them. I asked him if he made the shot or missed. He got a good laugh out of my remark. The Bishop certainly appreciates your kindness.


Monsignor Peter P. Buchignani, V.G

You have taken such a thorough set of shots that everybody is represented from the parishes present that evening. I can't tell you how much I appreciate your generosity and help.

Some of your perspectives are from angles I don't have on file and can be useful on other days and occasions. The photos from the Confirmation cover everything and I will still have to pare down the list, but would like to have access to choose later as to how the page in the newspaper fills in. Above all, please forgive me for asking for so many photos and thank you!

Your photos have given us both a hard, but enjoyable task. :-)


Suzanne Suzanne Avilés, Director of Communications and editor of West Tennessee Catholic (supports the Bishop of Memphis)

GaneshNimajjan 2013: India Cultural Center and Temple - Memphis

I would like to thank you for your great work on covering the Ganesh Nimajjan 2013. Currently I am going through entire 3k+ clicks. While going through them, I am highly impressed with professional skills.

- ICCT GaneshNimajjan 2013

As always, these are amazing pictures, you have captured everything possible @ IF. In fact with your 10,000 pictures you have filled in for the entire media volunteers:) Finally, glad to know that somebody was able to crash Google servers and it is a fellow Memphian, Indian, Keralite, and a Kannurian :)

- Sharath 

IndiaFest 2013: India Association of Memphis

These pictures and video are awesome. I am extremely happy to work with you. The pictures are like watching the slow motion video. They are extremely good and colorful. Thanks a lot for covering the post event also. I know the pain in carrying the heavy cameras (D4 & D800E with 70-200MM). Take some rest.

- IAM (India Association of Memphis) Media Chair

Great Pictures. You have done such awesome job that "thank you very much' seems so small.

- Manjit Kaur, President IAM 2014 (India Association of Memphis)

From a Movie Director

I'm Akhil Sathyan - an Assistant Director from malayalam film industry, based in Kerala - South India. This is in regard to the photos taken yesterday picturing Mr. xxxx, Ms. xxx and two lovely kids xxxx and xxxx. I have received the photos in full resolution from the photographer, Mr. Saji Madapat and I am extremely thankful to each and everyone behind it.

We'll be using the selected photos in our movie - 'Oru Indian Pranayakadha'.The female lead in this movie is an indian girl who was adopted by a foreign couple and these photos will be shown as her childhood moments with her step parents.

Please find the movie details below.

Title : Oru Indian Pranayakadha

Language : Malayalam

Director : Sathyan Anthikad

Release Date : 20th December 2013

I express my sincere gratitude to Fr. Xxx who helped us in this process, Mr. Saji Madapat for beautifully capturing the photos.


Akhil (Assistant Director from film industry)

Untitled photo

While appreciating your humility and goodness, I must correct you that the event become memorable and tangible for many around the world only because of your photos and video files! We are too much indebted to you for your kind efforts in recording and sharing the files!

- Alex Manalil (on Behalf of Manalil family)

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